Below are a few images from recent projects I have worked on as a 3D artist. I have over 10 years experience producing models and environments for mobile platforms and next generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 4.
Bang Bang Racing - Monaco Track
Evolver Ship Render
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Muscle Cars
Icarus Ship Render
Muscle Car Collection - PS3
Bang Bang Racing - Japan Track
Switch Galaxy - Playstation Mobile Artwork
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Winter Track
Car Combat Game - Prototype
Box Art Work for Bang Bang Racing
This is the box and app artwork I designed to be used in marketing the PS3 and Android title ' Bang Bang Racing'
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Marketing Artwork
Switch Galaxy Ultra Render
Bang Bang Rally - Concept Artwork
Switch Galaxy Ultra artwork
Car Combat Game - Prototype
Red Bull Racing - Mobile Game Pitch
Bang Bang Racing - Track Artwork
Andrastea Ship Render
Bang Bang Racing Pit Stop
Icarus Track Render
Bang Bang Racing Rally - Audi Quattro
Bang Bang Racing - Japan Track
Bang Bang Racing - Toyota GT
Tycho Ship Render
Switch Galaxy Ultra PS4
Super Off Road - Truck Render
Switch Galaxy Ultra - PS4 Environment Concept
SGU - Playstation 4 Screenshot
Switch Galaxy Ultra - In game furniture
Image from the PS4 Title Switch Galaxy Ultra
Switch Galaxy Survival Concept
Bang Bang Racing - Ford GT
Bang Bang Racing - PS3
SGU - Marketing Render
Super Off Road - Box Artwork
Cypher Render Ship
Switch Galaxy - Artwork
Red Bull Racing - Concept Artwork