Below are a few images from recent projects I have worked on as a 3D artist. I have over 10 years experience producing models and environments for mobile platforms and next generation consoles such as Sony's Playstation 4.
Switch Galaxy Ultra Render
Cypher Render Ship
Switch Galaxy Ultra artwork
Bang Bang Racing - PS3
Icarus Track Render
Red Bull Racing - Mobile Game Pitch
Bang Bang Racing - Japan Track
Bang Bang Racing - Ford GT
Bang Bang Rally - Concept Artwork
Tycho Ship Render
Switch Galaxy Ultra - In game furniture
Image from the PS4 Title Switch Galaxy Ultra
Switch Galaxy Ultra PS4
SGU - Marketing Render
Bang Bang Racing - Track Artwork
Switch Galaxy - Artwork
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Winter Track
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Muscle Cars
Muscle Car Collection - PS3
Switch Galaxy - Playstation Mobile Artwork
Bang Bang Racing - Monaco Track
Bang Bang Racing - Toyota GT
Bang Bang Racing - PS3 Marketing Artwork
Car Combat Game - Prototype
Red Bull Racing - Concept Artwork
SGU - Playstation 4 Screenshot
Andrastea Ship Render
Icarus Ship Render
Bang Bang Racing - Japan Track
Car Combat Game - Prototype
Switch Galaxy Survival Concept
Super Off Road - Truck Render
Super Off Road - Box Artwork
Box Art Work for Bang Bang Racing
This is the box and app artwork I designed to be used in marketing the PS3 and Android title ' Bang Bang Racing'
Bang Bang Racing Rally - Audi Quattro
Bang Bang Racing Pit Stop
Switch Galaxy Ultra - PS4 Environment Concept
Evolver Ship Render